The silicone seal in the use of machinery industry and the matters needing attention

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
In our silicone products in the industry, the application of sealing ring and widely, especially in manufacturing industry, and seals play a role in the us, with the continuous development of sealing ring, sealing ring, all kinds of performance can be used in different places, it also is common in our family, in mechanical car manufacturing would be much needless to say, but the purchase and quality of sealing ring let us a lot of consumers do not know where to begin, because some seals use the requirement of environment is different, so a lot of performance is also different, but the basic properties of the silicone sealing ring and buy what the matters needing attention? A qualified seal has the following properties. 1. Resistance to high temperature - 40 ° to 300 ° 2. 3 wear resistance, hardness requirements. Oil resistant performance is good. 4. Whether the tensile strength and elastic deformation of 5. Strong fatigue resistance and service life of 6. Conductive insulation we sealed the silicone products many, is also very extensive USES, such as in electronics, hardware, automobile, machinery, and so on many industries have used, usually a normal seal for use in nonhuman twenty years is no problem, the service life is very long, but choosing a silicon rubber sealing ring in our machinery industry should understand the abrasion and tear resistance and hardness of the problem, because in mechanical manufacturing mechanical operation test we wear resistance and fatigue resistance performance of a sealing ring, sealing ring are seldom a good silicone products because of the appearance of running-in lead to fall off the surface of the sealing ring, so in machinery manufacturing industry is no articles for daily use seal above, generally we household seal basic seldom go to touch it, but in manufacturing industry, some of them are 24 hours non-stop running, so it's very important to choose a good seal. The article from the professional silicone products manufacturer in xiamen - Reprint please indicate the source!
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