The silicone scraper is used to do

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
What is there may be a lot of people don't know the silicone scraper, in simple introduce, silicone scraper foreign names ( 硅胶刮刀) Is belongs to the category of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances of silica gel system mouth, is to use food grade silicone + food-grade plastic through silica gel vulcanizing machine using the silica gel bag plastic manner to produce a kind of silicone products, products with environmental protection, easy to clean, feel is good, design and bright color, more is the good assistant of the kitchen, its production scraper sold in Europe and the United States most of the region now! Is it still feel there is nothing special impression for this product? It so many advantages are brought what? Let the author introduce the silicone scraper purpose! Mentioned above is a good helper of the kitchen, it is to use in the kitchen, and mainly sold in Europe and America region from both understood or clever you know soon, it's not a spatula, not the ladle! But European and American people like to eat the cake of a production tool, in fact it is necessary to introduce why should make the cake specially to produce the blade. Done cake friends should know that cake is made on a transfer machine, how much will overflow to some, this time with this kind of silicone scraper can be scraped back to a great extent that do not waste! Do you think a silicone product is function of this one? That this idea is wrong, a product if there is only one function that can cause waste of resources, a multi-purpose content is a good product with nouns, silicone scraper in addition to make the cake, cake with scraping can also be used to stir the egg yolk, because in the inside of the cake are egg ingredients, can use this scraper at dozen eggs to stir effect very evenly, in order to achieve to that, of course, is a right hand gestures. As we all know, the small cakes are baked in the oven, usually can use the silicone cake in cake mold processing, and baked the cake from the silicone cake mould with silicone scraper after remove from the pan moved to want to position is also a good choice, scraper is elastic and soft scraper, such a process will not damage the cake baked modelling! To sum up the silicone scraper USES a lot of its main role focused on: make the cake, beat eggs, cakes of mixing the ingredients, stir the cake when shift! A good product use. The silicone scraper is used to do? Down quickly.
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