The silicone scraper is stem what of

by:Keyuan     2020-08-21
Silicone scraper is western-style tool, does not see more in Chinese cooking, but is used very frequently in the western baking production tools, all kinds of things, also can decorate a beautiful kitchen! Silicone scraper, also called 'rubber scraper, scraper' cake ', is mainly made of silicone material, liquid ingredients, such as commonly used for mixing the batter for cutting head is soft, so also can put the glue on the appliance of ingredients shave. The effect of silicone scraper 1, using a scraper, transfer the batter to the instruments for segment soft and elastic, can easily along the basin of egg wall basin of the egg clean-shaven! Don't waste a drop of batter oh ~ 2, general protein in egg yolk paste and paste mixing, with scraper with the right hand gestures, can assure you our cake paste needless to bubble, to improve the success rate! Cake batter mix, generally do not use the egg beater mixing, is easy to mix flour out of reinforcement. Scraper cake mix paste, also can't overexert or stir in guoquan way, but with the mix/fold cutting technique, so as to avoid flour out of the reinforcement. 3, in making the cream cake, with the help of a rubber scraper and cake spatula to put on cream surface flat, the cake look nice. 4, because the silicone is heat-resistant material, can also be used to when nonstick 'shovel', to make muffins, thousand layer cake is a useful!
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