The silicone rubber curing and significance

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone rubber band can often used in industrial production and life, frequently used products to shorten the service life of the aging speed is accelerated, influenced by different environment and conditions of use need to pay attention to the product under the influence of the aging speed, look for the symptoms of aging and regular maintenance, keep the service life of the product. Silicone rubber material problems lead to the difference of curing silicone rubber band is silicone material not compared with other materials on the performance of the main substance of non-crystalline state, different types of products different methods of making its performance will be different, belong to the softer material, with metals, organic glass, ceramic material such as the difference is bigger, so need to pay attention to the details of the problems in the process of using or more widely! 1. Influenced by 'liquid', for example, in the use of long-term soaked with water and other liquids can attract liquid, soak for a long time can cause performance degradation products will appear the phenomenon of sticky aging rate also grows with the environment reduce the service life! 2. Second silicone belongs to high adsorption capacity of silicon atoms structure, in order to not affect safety, on the market a lot of business with inorganic silica gel to produce desiccant, so strong ability of adsorption role also caused the adsorption of organic silicone products, with light, oxygen, moisture, heat, and so on a number of factors have closely linked factors, to prevent aging symptoms need besides, 3. In use process is man-made reasons, the silicone rubber band of lift in % % 300 to around $500, so the tensile and binding thing is try to keep in the range of drawing to ensure the normal use. Silicone rubber products manufacturers, raw material selection in addition from the silica gel products manufacturers of raw materials selection, improve service life and the quality of the products are often the most critical, the quality of the silicone raw materials has different levels, in different environments by different silica gel raw material so I can according to their own environmental needs to change the performance of the product. Ordinary silica gel used in product performance is not outstanding, used for ordinary silicone accessories products, daily necessities basic meteorology act can choose the tension high demand products made of silicone, main advantages, pull litre degree of ascension, products feel is different, the product density is higher compared with the same hardness of materials will be a little bit more weight! Second vulcanizing agent can choose yellow platinum resistance vulcanizing agent to ensure that the product color and odor, overall raw materials and production process is the most effective way to ensure that the silicone product life!
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