The silicone pot to remove odor

by:Keyuan     2020-08-21
Silicone pot smell how to remove 1, put rice into cups, in small amounts of cold water, twist the cork, shaking 4 to 5 minutes, pour will m, will eventually wash clean pot. 2, first wash detergent to clean and tidy cup, then into the cup into the fresh orange peel, twist bottle, placed about 4 hours, will eventually wash clean pot. 3, with fine wire on after folding, the silica gel circle trace, use medical alcohol ( High wine) After careful cleaning swab, into the sunlight insolate 2 hours or so, can only reduce silica gel. 4, can also be installed the boiling water, cover is placed 5 - 6 hours, then drain with wine water after hard shake, clean up the ministries, can also reduce the silica gel. To remove the smell of the silicone pot has the following method 1, in the pot into the package, activated carbon adsorption oversleeve smell. 2, put the pot in the shade of a taste. 3, in the pot onto the air freshener, improved cuff. Activated carbon can be reasonable adsorption odor, and health harm, remove odor rate quickly, application of air freshener can make the sleeves with other taste.
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