The silicone pot is good

by:Keyuan     2020-08-21
The silicone pot? Silicone pot is made by high temperature resistant food-grade silicone raw materials, and silicone bottle, can supplement various coffee cups, glass bottle, have heat preservation, moth-proofing anti-dust etc; On the basis of the mechanism of wind pressure gravity has strong adsorption effect can reasonable sealing glass, check leakage and the effect of heat preservation; Choose four column hydraulic press heat flow into commodities, and based on the biological characteristics of silicone raw materials smoothly, so have heat-resisting, harmless, environmental protection is now young silicone gift city, with the aim of environmental protection the category of the mainstream products, products by customers love. Want to know the silicone pot? Let's take a look at the cover on the silicone product features: 1, the continuous application of live longer than other goods, and can be put in the dishwasher cleaning, harmless, no smell, save the profits. 2, the basic for - ability temperature 40 and 250 degrees. Glittering and translucent get rid of the silicone pot can see container ingredients. 3, suitable for refrigeration freezing freezer refrigeration can do application, can into the dishwasher sterilized kitchen cupboards, also can be made into the microwave oven, microwave food. Can make the boiler bowl seal to food preservation. Several large, medium and small sizes, coordination of different size pot, bowl, basin and glass containers. Commodity is convenient cleaning, feel soft, color is gorgeous, durable, environmental protection health. 4, with the cover on the silicone cover the item is not easy to put freezer odoour, sealing strong, microwave, can be frozen, affordable - temperature category 40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃, whether it's cold in summer, or just out of the pot meal. 5, food-grade silicone material, baby bottle grade material, harmless, no odor, together is not easy to stick to a oil stains and other dirt. 6, mirror to decorate, not touched, selects the glittering and translucent get rid of this cold pot process, can immediately see container ingredients, don't unstick frozen cover, easier to identify the ingredients. 7, applied slowly diastolic pressure adsorption kitchen utensils and appliances can is empty, gently pull open the bottle edge can open. 8, strong sealing, cold storage, reasonable is linear and adsorption is strong, very good sealing side edge leveling is bright and clean containers, excellent in sealing and reasonably to ensure food temperature and freshness. 9, hang hole layout to offline finishing, finishing clean, save space, and then type the handle is decorated, the bottom of the vertical surface is bright and clean, easier to adsorption is empty.
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