The silicone pad manufacturers how to avoid the dirt

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
The silicone pad manufacturers how to avoid the dirt? This is a lot of clients or silica gel pad manufacturers should pay attention to the problem, summarize is divided into the following several contents: 1. Factory environment clean and tidy 2 whole. Untreated clean 3 mould. Note 4 in the process of operation. Anti-static process a treatment 5. On the finished product quality monitoring a silicone pad manufacturers can do the above requirements, to produce products of a certain good. Below silicone technology as an example, as we explain in more detail the specific requirement. Silica gel production is divided into a variety of processes, including refining, sulfide, torn edges processing, etc. , so the production environment must stay on the whole. Silicone pad manufacturer silica gel, isolates each working procedure, more convenient management and supervision. There is no handle on some dirt is mould, the production of products will appear pale, dirty, and so on and so forth. Silica gel has its own mold department, can after found the problem, rapid processing silicone pad manufacturers should pay attention to employee training, a lot of dirt is due to the improper operation of the employees. Silicone technology for new employees, a short-term training, help employees correct and efficient production. Silicone antistatic treatment on products of the science and technology, can effectively prevent the adhesion of dust, as well as a feel of the product. Silicone pad manufacturer silicon technology, produce good quality silicone pad for customers. Factory set up the quality department, well-paid hired with QC engineer, strictly control the quality of the product. To detect the appearance of the product, performance, quality, etc. , resolute don't let bad product factory factory, ensure that client interests to ensure customer delivery. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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