The silicone pacifier use is what material

by:Keyuan     2020-09-07
The pacifier auxiliary tool is indispensable to artificial feeding babies. Pacifiers used are opaque yellow latex pacifier, cheap, short service life, high temperature disinfection when there will be some rubber. On market in recent years, introduced a new type of silicone pacifiers, silicone pacifier was welcomed by the majority of mother after launch, xiong gradually changed the latex nipple pacifier world situation. Liquid silicone is relatively solid for high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, for the liquid rubber, has good liquidity, sulfide is fast, more safe environmental protection, can fully meet the requirements of food grade. According to the molecular structure contains functional groups ( The junction) Position, often think of liquid rubber with functional groups are divided into two categories: one is at the ends of the molecular structure of functional group in a type called telechelic liquid rubber; Another kind is the active functional group in random distribution in the main chain, the so-called with functional group in molecular structure, referred to as a type of telechelic liquid rubber. 1, must be qualified silicone nipple non-toxic tasteless transparent color, using 100% food grade ( Imports) The silicone materials; 2, very soft and elastic, nipple can stretch to 5 mm long, so the baby's tongue can like suck breast milk when freedom of activity; 3, is made of super soft silicone, silicone nipple thickness is twice that of an ordinary pacifier, therefore in the process of sucking baby will not break, and long-term tearing resistance would not be damaged; 4, general qualified pacifiers are adopting automatic machinery production, production automatic without manual intervention in the process of production, to ensure the most safety the production technology of environmental protection; 5, as the design and feel like real breast, let the baby in the process of sucking asing if is the same feeling when sucking milk; 6, inherited the excellent characteristics of silica gel products, high-temperature resistance, weathering resistance, can adapt to repeat of high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, boiling, microwave oven, chemical corrosion and so on safety operation; 7, at the same time the silicone pacifier won't stick them together with food, easy to clean, at the same time in the water, it will be clean again; 8, qualified silicone pacifier life is long, generally can be used for more than 10 years; 9, all need to comply with the relevant European qualified silicone nipple EN14350 - And 2 children's products safety inspection standard, and the FDA certification.
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