The silicone mold - The silicon mold perfect to make silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
In processing and manufacturing industries, for through molding technology, manufacturing products, many products need a set of perfect silicone mold to produce high quality products. In the rubber and plastic industry, many products are basically molded. Therefore, the development and production of mould is a key issue. Organic silicon products industry is one of the cases, so a lot of friends like brand high cost-effectiveness, for many of the market on the market for many, in order to control mold lines and precision, natural appearance of the product is perfect! Many of silicone rubber products manufacturers, however, agree that in the process of machining, they just need to control of CNC machine tool cutting tool compensation. Therefore, do not understand the processing technology of silicone manufacturers may not understand the aspects of the tool. In general, different materials of cutting tool should choose different material steel in the process of grinding. Commonly used tool in our country is generally tungsten steel knives, alloy blade, high-speed steel knife, carbide cutting tools, diamond cutting tools, etc. For different steel grade choose a different tool. However, in addition to the choice of cutting tool material, cutting process in cutting edge has a different choice. Generally, the knife tools are divided into 2 minus three types of blades, processing a variety of materials, and the corresponding product selection process. The knife tools is also the most commonly used tool in the processing, the second is round nose knife, can be divided into different sizes, round shape for the blade, and relatively stable arc surface process, a large number of coarse grinding process is a indispensable tool. The second is spher mill, commonly used in circular arc finishing machining, cutting tool for 2 - 3, product more precise and some more technical tools, including drilling, reaming tools. Therefore, silicone rubber mold to do well, choose the appropriate tool processing is not to be ignored! In addition to compensation and machinery consumption, consumption of tools thereof, also need a certain amount of control technology, the need to adjust the machine speed, master when added to the machine tool compensation people's general processing technology, slow, and so on! So you ask me that perfect silicone products is coming! My answer is to solve your problem, cutting tools, CNC, mold, raw materials, glue refining, moulding, QC several projects!
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