The silicone mobile phone sets of yellow

by:Keyuan     2020-08-25
Silica gel following because the texture soft, comfortable, strong protective, use cycle is long, etc and are popular with us, but the most miserable is used long will be yellow. New following use not soon become yellow, is thought to buy the following, once purity transparent you become like this, I have to take what to save you? The silicone mobile phone sets of yellow? Silica gel set of yellow how wash white 1, wash it is common way. If and grease on the silicone set, suggest put some soap water, then wipe with a soft cloth stains, reoccupy clear water flushing. Finally with a paper towel or soft cloth to dry the silica gel set, in a cool well ventilated place dry. 2, use the eraser eraser is very nice, besides can wipe pen, as well as on other objects have good cleaning effect. Is also can be used well on silica gel sets, especially for the fuselage with grind arenaceous effect aircraft, only with simple rubber to cleansing, is easy to sort out stolen goods. 3, alcohol is wiped, as everybody knows, alcohol decontamination ability is very strong and volatile features, a short time after cleansing recovery to a dry condition, it is not like water easy to seep into the machines are likely to cause internal power short circuit, etc. , stained with paper towel to wipe it directly. Can also be disinfection effect. 4, to clean with toothpaste toothpaste mouth clean effect is very good, because toothpaste is a soft particles of solid, can be friction tooth and make more bright and clean and white. Toothpaste is a kind of very good cleaning tools, coated with toothpaste in the surface of silica gel sets, through repeated cleansing with lens wiping cloth, the final rinse.
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