The silicone material, let the VR is closer to reality?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Since its launch, since the VR technology constantly brought a lot of fun in our lives, it also involves the virtual reality in all walks of life to create a lot of good development trend, in order to let now VR is more close to reality, many professional higher-ups in repeated study this VR can the stuff from which aspects to improve, news reports said recently, the research team at the university of California developed to form a complete set of product with VR, can make the VR practical experience more stereo feeling, mainly adopts 3 d promise and soft robot to develop this kind of gloves, provide stereo tactile sense in VR environments. While this kind of gloves production with VR material has the same characteristics, all can use the silicone material, the silica gel parts, custom and technology that can highlight the advantages of different, in addition to the visual perception from the reality above above can also be closer to the human body, initially has increased the weight of the gloves in metal texture hard softness to forcibly not difficult, when VR reality operation some instructions so difficult, and the effect of silica gel gloves are difference is big. At first since the advent of VR has been hard plastic material as the main parts, in continuous improvement was gradually replaced by silica gel parts, high softness can protect the VR the overall structure of the finished product, bruised, touch the phenomenon such as bad! So on accessories adjustment and good buffer strength and compressive strength are all need to pass the silicone products processing manufacturer to develop production, and adopted by robots gloves silicone material also is so, soft external material don't have to worry about can cause damage to the electronic products, easy to operate, simple freely! The market at present the improvement of the VR is constantly changing, and consumers also more hope that we can use to get better, faster, more convenient, but also need more low-cost VR finished product, so if you want to VR market have a certain influence in the global market, still need to continue to progress! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( 文章/ weimeiguijiaoshoujit_1。 html)
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