The silicone manufacturer to teach you the four repair not conductive silicone buttons

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
In our life or work, often use computer, remote control, TV and so on electronic equipment with silicone buttons, often for these electronic devices we use long after, there will be some failure of silicone buttons, which is not conductive, so how do we fix not conductive silicone buttons? Silicone rubber manufacturer to introduce here, only need to do the following operation, can not fully repair conductive silicone buttons. 1, is not conductive to clean the surface of the silica gel can be used commonly eraser, sandpaper, blade tools such as cleaning, for some serious don't conductive silicone buttons can use the blade cutting to the surface of the part surface, but this way, the appearance of the silica gel products will cause certain influence. 2, daub conductive silver pulp repair may be you don't know what is the conductive silver pulp, which is often used in production factory of silicone buttons of repair methods, their contact. 3, apply conductive glue method first, you need to no conductive silicone buttons to clean again, keep the surface clean, then conductive glue daub in the area of non-conductive, repair can be realized. 4, undermined repair method also, need to repair the button washed again, and then use dry cloth to wipe, make up, make it not conductive surface and use a pencil to daub on the surface, it must be noted that the pencil is the substances containing carbon element, so use it to repair the conductive silicone buttons, relatively more than the cost of this way is very low.
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