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by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
What is a silicone pad? What is the classification the silicone mat? What's with the silicone mat? The silicone manufacturer sales answers one by one for you. Silicone pad is silica gel products demand more kind of products in the market. Has the certain tension, flexibility, good insulation, high voltage, high and low temperature resistance, chemical stability, environmental safety, no peculiar smell, food-grade silicone pad non-toxic tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvents, green product is a highly active. Silicone pad according to the characteristics of good, widely used in the electronics industry, household and industrial. Silicone pad are: silica gel cup mat, silicone eat mat, silicone insulation pad, silicone mat, silicone mouse pad, silicone steamer pad, thermal conductive silicone pads, silicone pot mat and so on. The characteristics of the silicone pad: low high reliability; High compressibility, soft and elastic; Low thermal conductivity and Low natural viscosity, no additional surface glue; When meet the ROHS, SGS, and environmental requirements of UL certification; A variety of color choices, colourful, can be customized shape; Low use 100% food grade environmental protection silicone raw materials; Low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, soft, non-slip, shock-proof, waterproof, heat insulation, not easy ageing, not easy fade, easy to clean; Durable, effectively protect the furniture surface without getting burned, scratch; Low temperature tolerance range as follows: - 40 ~ 230 degrees Celsius. Baking, frozen remains soft deformation; Silicone products manufacturer specializing in producing silicone products manufacturing, is a silicon production and sales of manufacturers, there are food grade silica gel, medical grade silicone, silicone pad, silicone, silicone tube, etc. , quality assurance, food grade and medical grade standard, through various environmental certification, welcome the masses of users to come to the advisory order.
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