The silicone manufacturer analytic type O sealing ring shrinkage factor for you

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Type O sealing ring, as one of the sealing element of seal protection is necessary in all walks of life, is often used in the inside and outside the circle for the rectangular groove seal effect, suitable for rotation, reciprocating, combination and so on the many kinds of sports, suitable for oil, water, gas, chemical, and other various mixed medium; Compared to other material o-rings variety, for example: nitrile butadiene rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, natural rubber and other materials, sealing ring is not only convenient installation cost is low, and the standard size, and convenient to replace the ship automobile, agricultural machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation lighting in areas such as widely used. Type O sealing ring shrinkage rate, there are many factors that can influence even using the same kind of plastic material and mould, vulcanization molding under the same process, the shrinkage is different; The more laminated fabric, shrinkage rate is smaller; Rubber plasticity, the better the higher hardness, the smaller the shrinkage; Circular cross section under the same specification, and square section shrinkage approximation; O the expansion of the silica gel circle surface of the products in the shrinkage rate fluctuation range is large; Sulphur products of injection pressure reduction is slightly smaller than sulphur products of compression molding shrinkage; Type O sealing ring filler dosage the more shrinkage is smaller; The greater the gel content, the higher shrinkage; Silicone seal the shrinkage with increase the hardness of vulcanized products of saddle type curve change; Rubber calender direction and the direction of flow in the mold of the shrinkage rate of shrinkage rate is greater than the vertical direction; Lined with metal inlaid rubber o-rings products smaller shrinkage rate, and shrinkage in the direction of metal Mosaic; Porous cavity mould, middle shrinkage cavity sulfide products is bigger than edge shrinkage cavity sulfide products; O-rings shrinkage rate increased with the increase of vulcanized rubber content increases, when the raw material quality is more than 5% to 10% of the product quality; Thin products, The section thickness is less than 3 mm) Shrinkage rate than thick products ( Section above 10 mm) The shrinkage rate of 0. 2% ~ 0. Seal product shrinkage increases with the increase of curing temperature and, temperature rise every 10 degrees, shrinkage increased 0. 1% - 0. 2%; O-rings product shrinkage with sulfide products raw materials increases with the increase of injection rate, when raw material quality & gt; The quality of the product 5% 10%, the shrinkage is relatively stable. In addition, the silicone seal raw add quantity, the more the thicker the sealing ring cover with front, vulcanization pressure is higher, the sealing ring cover with front the thinner, the higher the rubber hardness, the thicker the sealing ring cover with front; Therefore, for moulding sealing ring in the direction of the calculating mould shrinkage products should be taken into account when the thickness of the front, O ring flash thickness and quality of semi-finished products, curing pressure, rubber hardness, the mould structure has a direct relationship. Sealing ring need to pay attention to when processing, the size of the silicone mold cavity cannot too small or too big, size control should be within 70% of the oil pressure heating plate, otherwise easy to cause hydraulic press heating plate deformation or the phenomenon of uneven heating.
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