The silicone luggage tag custom

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone luggage tag for through SGS environmental protection test of PVC soft rubber or silicone material made by the drops of glue craft, feel is good, bright color, effect of elegant appearance exquisite fashion, color, specifications and size can be customised, fashionable and durable. Silicone luggage tag customized according to customer's requirements into a 2 d, 3 d and graphic effect, can add the customer LOGO, pattern stereo or printing, applied to all kinds of luggage tags and the clothing tags and as a promotional advertising gifts. At the same time can also be used for aviation airports, sailing ships, railway trucks, travel agencies and other public places as a passenger baggage identification purpose. The silicone luggage tag product structure is mainly composed of positive PVC soft plastic glue on the back panel and back box ( General for PS or PVC soft rubber material) And luggage rings, with transparent plastic and paper card label, can be used to fill out the customer name, number, telephone number, address, company and other related information, strong practicability. Also have the pure silica gel material combined mould of the silicone luggage tag.
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