The silicone liquid following from following from the manufacturer will do

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
The silicone liquid following from following from the manufacturer will do? Before answering this question, first explain liquid following with you. Liquid is liquid silicone that is used by the following raw materials can be completely by food-grade certification, curing equipment for injection moulding machine. Advantage is good quality, high precision products, high yield, less of choose and employ persons, etc. , the disadvantage is that just do monochrome products. At present most of the silica gel following from the factory to use solid silica gel, silica gel and solid and liquid silicone production process and equipment are not the same, so not all liquid silicone following from the manufacturer will do the following. Silicone recommend customized solid silica gel following from science and technology, because both in the domestic and foreign markets, solid silicone mobile phone sets are occupy a larger market share. Silicone technology is a professional manufacturer of solid silica gel following from, for the customer production as following from liquid following from this kind of high quality. Silicone technology has its own mold department, will spend a lot of time on following from the mold, such as the precision grinding machine, polishing detail, electroplating time and so on, can achieve the same quality as following from liquid. Silicone technology a silica gel following from the factory pays attention to detail, to the details of the product has a very high demand. Silica gel in order to improve the quality of the products of science and technology, especially introduced the antistatic, food grade and other processing equipment. Prosecution and the establishment of a professional quality room quality, using chromatic meter and other professional inspection equipment, grasp the last step of the production process. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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