The silicone lid custom what are the dimensions of the common

by:Keyuan     2020-09-15
The silicone lid is points in the silica gel in the silicone products daily necessities in this category! Generally USES the food grade silica gel, product characteristics have strong practicability, modelling diversity, long life, color beautiful, etc. Is a very close to the life of a silicone product, as a home, office, business, advertising, and other purposes! Respectively on modelling and design have the different style such as cartoon, character, contracted the modelling of the be fond of of different groups for adults, children and other ages! Now on the market of silicone lid multifarious, so to speak, are of various shapes, sizes, so the size of the silicone lid custom common have? The size of the silicone lid custom is how old? A common size, circle diameter of 110 mm this one size of the silicone lid is one of the most common, its advantage is bigger than general glass, can completely be dustproof effect, because the size of the problem, so also is selling the most one, the size, no matter how modelling has a diameter of 110 mm, because accept this kind of people is the most, and the practical effect is also better for household! Common size 2, the circle diameter of 100 mm size less than the above 10 mm, don't look down upon this cm, for our common ceramic cup can slant a bit bigger some cup cannot be totally dustproof effect, and to have obsessive-compulsive disorder is a bad choice, but for a little bit small cup is consistent to the benefits. Three common size, circular diameter of 95 mm, the size of the silicone lid is little better, its aim is to design for cup used by children, children's cup of partial smaller than adults in general. Four square silicone lid, common size 100 mm * 100 mm, the square of the silicone lid in public places, is commonly used in household with very little, mainly depends on the glass is usually circular, and some public places will have the ashtray is square, because the item is used to build square as the main mission, because this square very rare! Five common size, custom silicone lid size: this kind of silicone lid in life not rarely, usually for certain activities, such as the opening ceremony, party as silicone gifts to send! On the printed on the corresponding slogan, LOGO etc. It is mainly used for publicity, commemorative purposes!
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