The silicone leather did you know? What's the difference between material properties with other material?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Organic silica gel is a new type of environmental protection of leather, leather with silica gel as the raw material, the new material and superfine fiber, non-woven fabric, such as combination of base material, processing and preparation, applicable to a variety of industry applications. Using solventless silicone leather technology, organic silicon coating adhesive on all kinds of base material, made of leather. Belong to the development of new materials industry in the 21st century. Due to the nature of silicone leather own excellent weatherability, flame retardant, antifouling, manageable hair close skin non-allergenic, antibacterial, mouldproof wear-resisting durable, safe non-toxic, performance is very outstanding, apply to hotels, health care, household, 3 c, cars, children and other major industries. Compared with the traditional leather, silicone rubber cloth in the resistance to hydrolysis, such as low VOC, no peculiar smell, environmental protection performance has more advantages. In the use of a long period of time or place, under the condition of PU/PVC synthetic leather can make leather of residual solvent, plasticizer constantly release, very adverse to the health of people. Silicone rubber and PU, PVC leather, leather difference: leather: harmful gas combustion is not in itself, but use a lot of aniline dyes in the process of leather processing, chemical reagents, such as chromium salt will be released in the process of combustion of nitrogen compounds ( Nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide) , some harmful irritant gas, such as sulfur dioxide, and leather cracked easily. PU leather, combustion will produce carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and nitrogen compounds ( Nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc. ) Some harmful excitant strong plastic gas such as PVC leather, combustion process and production process will produce dioxins, hydrogen chloride. Dioxin and hydrochloric acid is a highly toxic substance, may lead to the occurrence of cancer and other diseases, excitant strong plastic smell is produced. ( The main odor from solvent, fatliquoring agent, finishing agent, plasticizer and mould, etc. ) Silicone leather: no harmful gas release, relaxed and free from foreign smell, burning process is more suitable for medium and long-term contact with the live link for life.
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