The silicone key package customization features

by:Keyuan     2020-09-10
Silicone key bag custom is your wise choice. Silicone key packet using environmental protection silicone materials, non-toxic tasteless; Silicone material key package soft and comfortable; After thousands of times fold still not deformation; Can effectively protect the vehicle keys wear in the daily use; The slightest jar can effectively resist, prevent damage, fit closely the key. Silicone key package customization features 1, reserve a key chain hole: silicone key package, according to the original key design and reserved hole a key chain, key chain can be directly hung on the original car keys. 2, a frivolous break, car dedicated: silicone key package installed, give a person a kind of illusion, as if is the original car keys, appearance form strong completely according to the original car keys carefully designed more beautiful, more break, concise and easy, specially designed for your car. 3, special protection, can effectively resist mild hit prevent damage, don't let the little mistakes bring unnecessary trouble. 4, a pack of multi-purpose, can receive a key and door card at the same time, can hang on the bag, can also hand carry. 5, prevent scratch other items: just don't have to worry about keys will be scratching by mobile phones, wrapped in soft silicone effective keys, avoid scratch other items. Silicone car key case for more premium car electronic car keys, as one of the key sheath, similar to the mobile phone cases, to protect electronic originals, drop shockproof function, such as product structure is similar to the phone cases fit completely remote car key, have very good protection effect.
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