The silicone industry in 2020 'home' and 'foreign' outlook

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
The 13th national junior conference opening sitting in Beijing on May 22 for line, heralding the war of resistance to disease in 2020, domestic work and production has won a major victory. Under pressure from the outbreak of influence and economic, domestic and foreign import and export of pressure surge, many raw materials prices doubled. Abroad under the influence of silica gel in the outbreak, the import volume fell sharply. Core competitiveness of the Chinese domestic sealant in addition to the low price, low technology and foreign product differences, regional advantage has become the domestic enterprises preferred. For the silicone domestic enterprises, the outbreak is challenge and opportunity. As is known to all, China's construction projects are generally called 'time and heavy task' hat, therefore, through technology, low price and good quality and timely delivery of products is willing to adopt in engineering. Import glue supply typically involves the import cycle and transport cycle, but domestic glue can ensure the timely supply, so the domestic construction projects are more willing to adopt the domestic rubber. Although now many foreign products production localization, but does not have obvious advantages. Domestic silicone compared with foreign products, domestic sealant under the condition of the technology and quality quite, have the price and geographic advantages, its development prospects are very big. Due to domestic sealant enterprise overall quality is low, so domestic sealant industry will pay more attention to the brand operation. Today, a brand has been committed to product quality control and perfect after-sales service, many small and medium-sized brand also began to enable automatic production lines. It also shows that the sealant production is rising from the side, a larger market space. In today's advocates energy-saving intelligent manufacturing, especially in intelligent home appliances products of high quality sealant demand also is increasing day by day, it is a very big for sealant industry opportunities, development prospect is very big. So both large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), will need to strengthen the product quality control, and to cultivate high-quality scientific and technical personnel, completes the brand, so as to seize the opportunity. Sealant domestic enterprises have not developed into several big stage, to become leader in the industry, not only depends on its own strength, market operation and brand accumulation, but also experience the test of the market. Together, let us looking forward to optimize industry structure adjustment and benign development.
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