The silicone ice mold customization

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Silicone ice mold USES the food grade silica gel material, safety and health is not easy to aging, can direct contact with food, have screens positioned between the ice, soft and comfortable, easy to take, wall smooth, rounded at the bottom, is more advantageous to ice, easy mold release, pull deformation. With cover design, dust-proof and ash odoour, cover the top of the groove can be stacked, save a space. Silicone custom diamond ice lattice parameter name: 4 hole diamond material: silica gel ice lattice food-grade silicone size: 13 * 13 * 4 cm, 5 * 3 diamond diameter. 5 cm color: black, blue, Support custom) Weight: 120 g silica gel ice hockey mould customization parameter name: 6 holes ice hockey mold silicone case material: food-grade silicone size: 16. 5 * 11. 5 * 4. 9 cm, hockey diameter 4. 5 cm colors: green, sky blue, dark blue, Support custom) Weight: 150 g silica gel ice ice mould customization parameter name: silicone ice ice mold material: food-grade silicone size: 25 * 10 * 2. 6CM,26*12*2. 6 cm color: blue, green, white ( Support custom) Silicone ice mold ice box of custom parameter name: silicone ice mold material: food-grade silicone + PP size: 31. 5 * * 3. 14, 5 cm, color: pink, blue, green, Support custom) Weight: 340 g silica gel ice cream mould customization parameter name: silicone case material: seven ice cream mold, silicone ice food-grade silicone size: 16 * 3. 7, 5 cm, a stick. 3 * 4. 5CM
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