The silicone ice for multiple

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
With the arrival of the summer, we all need some cool to wash away the heat from the depressing feeling hot, ice ice ice cool food is the first choice, want to eat ice drink food, think price is a little bit higher, feel a bite to eat into the stomach, it seems, are still not to meet, how to do this? This time you only need to use the silicone ice for multiple items, can be easily satisfied. Operation method is very simple, as long as water or beverage gently into a multi-functional silicone ice mold, be careful not to pour too full, and then in the fridge frozen layer, a few minutes to complete; Take ice also has great skill and take out the ice gently twist, forming the ice would be easily separated from the ice, can be easily removed. If you think it is not enough good, can also according to your own taste with fruit or chocolate and milk, melt in your mouth, that is really delicious ah in the hot summer. Recommend related products: silica gel seal Angle of silicone pad silicone buttons oximetry silicone silicone bib pocket silica gel plates
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