The silicone how children's tooth gel through security environmental protection monitoring certification?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Global goods safety inspection recently grasp security issues of infant products, including children molar rod is one of the key test, on the basis of legal quality judgment, recently shenzhen city in fujian province quality inspection institute of infants and young children the teeth to make detection, a total of more than 20 products only a few products to detect the actual standards, based on national standard detection method to judge, because many children's tooth gel materials and processing technology does not reach the designated position caused by test is unqualified, unqualified materials also include silicone material. Baby teeth molar tooth practice primarily children into the mouth, so the requirement to the materials must be non-toxic environmental protection, it has long been the silicone, rubber, thermoplastic elastic rubber and rubber material, due to the increasing demand of the global market, in recent years, children's tooth gel products sales promotion, price war between children's tooth gel so hard to avoid can produce cut corners, the cost control of the above problems, leading to can't tested factors also include among them. Silicone children's tooth gel is the sales of the most popular kind of silicone products, so the material of it and all aspects of performance are recognised by consumers and official, so for the children's teeth on the skills and methods of choose and buy or need to enhance vigilance. The main need to go from several aspects as the scheme of choose and buy. Structure: a tooth gum high quality silica gel children usually do in appearance to attract outside of infant eye also need to achieve a safe use effect, such as the international standard of silicone baby teeth that no more than 30 mm, oral avoid knowledge, hardness is not higher than 80 degrees, and the size can not be less than the mouth of infants and young children, besides the silicone baby teeth that need to be durable structure design of the above accordingly. Main material: material is a top priority, silica gel products is a surrounding material as the main process, so its material didn't choose good the above will be meaningless, so for the silicone teether glue, raw materials have to be tested by different standards and criteria for recognition of the customers so as to achieve material safety effect, compared with rubber and thermoplastic elastic glue, silica gel or do better in terms of material, so in terms of material silicone manufacturers still suggest you can choose silica gel is silicone material.
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