The silicone fresh cover the standard American standard which good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
European standard is the LFGB silicone fresh cover, LFGB certificate is also called 'food, tobacco products, cosmetics and other commodities administration law is Germany food hygiene management is the most important basic legal documents, is the other special food hygiene law, regulations, formulating principles and core. But in recent years have also been modified, mainly and match the European standard. The silicone fresh cover by the FDA, American standard is the food and drug administration ( 食品和药物管理局) The abbreviation. The FDA is also sometimes on behalf of the United States food and drug administration. FDA authorized by the U. S. congress is the federal government, is specialized is engaged in the food and drug administration of the higher law enforcement, by doctors, lawyers, is also a microbiologist, chemist and statisticians of professionals dedicated to protect, promote and improve national health monitoring institutions of government health regulation. Many other countries by seeking and receiving FDA's help to promote safety and monitor their own products. Silicone fresh cover the European standard and the standard demands focus is different, it is can't say which is more strict, which is good.
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