The silicone folding cups

by:Keyuan     2020-09-04
Silica gel daily cup of daily necessities of life, constantly upgrading the teapot, while consumers are less valued consumer daily necessities and elements there are several important reasons. First, the quality of the products must be guaranteed; Second, safe environmental protection is one of the essential; Third, products for ease-of-use is quite important, but with the advent of the folding silica gel daily necessities, let the consumer get wider demand, quality, convenience, safety and environmental protection are all resolved, so you know its advantage for silicone life commodity? Silicone products safety and environmental protection for folding cup it is a big advantage is folded is portable, you can imagine some take a glass of water cup in the backpack and take a shell folding water bottle in the middle of the pack which is more convenient, so it has the advantage of convenient receive, easy to carry, small size silicone can carry kettle. And cover an area of an area small, in the midst of household goods, boiler bowl and kettle needs certain space to store, and there is a little heavy, put a bad light with light, and silica gel boiler bowl and hot water is different, may at any time to narrow a place can put multiple folding water bottle, kettle, etc. Third, light in weight We often use the bowl is always is twofold, if moving the bowl of a family is estimated to hundreds of pounds, and a big bowl of silicone folding, only a few grams, the comparison is a major advantage came out. Security environmental protection is the main advantage of silica gel products material, so it chooses the silicone material can be taken to complete environmental performance, and can be used under the condition of high temperature sustained, long-term in a high temperature boiling water and food does not have any effect, and can through various security environmental protection certification testing. Fell collision resistance is also its unique advantages, the silicone folding cups with glass and metal is different, it belongs to soft elastomer material, falling from the sky won't be any effect, has certain strength of the buffer, drop collision avoidance is than the glass cups and dishes. And it has a good contact with the glass desktop prevent slippery effect. Delicate appearance, it can be made into different shapes, styles of silicone folding cups. To meet the different needs of different people, from the appearance of decorative pattern, color and surface can be for people of all ages to recommend different style.
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