The silicone foam board market in China

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
The pros and cons of silicone foam board aperture, make the leakage, condensation and water is frozen, thawed cycle, and so on and so forth have impermeable to moisture, it is not possible to make the silicone foam board happen aging, almost with building life, get the favour of customer service and market, so China is silicone foam board market? Developing what problem? 1, domestic foaming plate in the insulation industry in recent years, the development situation of the domestic, the silicone foam board manufacturer has been widely used in various fields, the new material for internal obturator structure, excellent and constant heat preservation performance, strong hydrophobic ability to stop the water vapor permeability, high compressive strength, easy processing, easy to install, etc, is currently the world's recognized be applied to the ideal of inverted roofing heat preservation material. 2, the silicone foam board in the field of building energy efficiency of the present situation of our country government energy policy is 'paying equal attention to development and conservation,' give top priority to conservation. Energy conservation is still China's energy industry strategic points. Then the standard indicators to further improve. Before the implementation of building energy efficiency standards, our country construction of residential area of calendar year accumulated billions of square meters. The energy consumption of heating area bad thermal environment or the original construction of large energy saving reconstruction work has begun. The key towns began to piece building thermal environment and energy saving renovation. So the silicone foam board manufacturer production of silicone foam board in energy-saving residential extremely attractive. 3, urban construction will promote the development of silicone foam board our residential construction there will be a huge development. Now urban building ownership is probably more than seventy square meters, the house has more than 40 square meters, over the next 10 years in urban and rural areas to build hundreds of millions of square meters of housing, the city of hundreds of millions of square meters, hundreds of millions of square meters in the countryside. In this case, the development of silicone foam board manufacturer to industrialization. New housing will be from planning, design, and related applications of materials and equipment to take energy-saving measures, improve the quality of housing, advocate using new materials, new technology, new technology, drive the upgrading of building material industry.
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