The silicone ear wire mask why so popular with the children

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Wearing a mask ear to other pain for a long time, because the ear wire rod quality problem, for a silica gel mask ear appear on the market line. This facial material and common disposable respirator masks, only ear line adopts to skin soft silicone material. So is more suitable for children's wear. Using silica gel mask children, the first thing to know what is the role of silica gel mask, children to prevent? In fact, children's silica gel mask is mainly used to prevent particles. These fine particles is refers to the air in the equivalent diameter of less than 2. 5 microns particles, commonly known as PM2. 5. PM2。 5 what are the harm to human body? When the PM2. 5 high content, high concentration, air pollution is more serious. It can cause, including asthma, bronchitis, and cardiovascular diseases, diseases. Because in our daily life, sneezing and coughing droplets size is generally 2. 5 - 28 micron, flower powder particle size is 4 - 8 microns. Therefore, when the mask can block PM2. At 5, can cut off water droplets and pollen. First of all, compared with adults, children at a disadvantage in tackling the haze of physiology: children's nose hair thick enough. Nose hair the first line of defense is to prevent the particle enters the respiratory tract. When the human was born, they will have nose hair, but they are small. Generally speaking, they want to 6 - 7 will grow. However, in terms of density, and they are quite different from adults. So the children's defense is less than adults. The children breathe faster. Children's breathing rate is faster than adults. At the same time, the intake of contaminated particles, the more the greater the harm of human body. The children's lung is not yet mature. If children excessive intake of pollutants, they are more likely than adults to bacteria and viruses. Therefore, for them to prepare a wearing comfortable, and good-looking silicone mask, it is very important.
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