The silicone double color band is how made

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
General watch, people know, so we common watch band is only one color? Such as band of black, white band, and so on. Now tell you have a double color band feel novel? Pretty? Yes, the silicone material produced by double color band! Has appeared for a few years, it has more beautiful outside, more gorgeous color, there are several kinds of style, such as double color, double color, before and after even strap in the middle of the part to a different color, think of is very beautiful? Silicone material under the following terms of double color/mixed color watch how it is produced. 1. , determine the scheme determination of this plan is the band itself, which means that need this made what the shape of the band, cartoon characters such as animals, plants, and so on. Sure good after that will be to identify the color, such as contracted style of strap is to be positive and negative two color? About double color? Double color or whole. These solutions can make sure good after! 2. Mold design: double color/multicolor band for the demand of the die structure is high, the most likely to cause color the problem, so after the image file to determine the scheme as silicone mold designers is commonly conceived it first, how to design the mold, the problem such as security, generally the band mold is a product of two mold this line of thinking, or one module and two out like this. But also have to consider the mold, the production, the quality! So the double color/mixed color silicone band for mould requirement is relatively high. 3. Proofing production: mold production is completed, we will begin to make good to determine the corresponding color, by will allocate, mixing silicone masterbatch, material is ready to take make good mold proofing. General one-time OK double color band silicone mold probability is very small, to not to say do not mold technology, is each link will have a more or less. After finished samples, commonly so doing all sorts of changes ( Mould, masterbatch, plastic hard) 。 General sampling number in the 2 - Intermediate inspection is found and the key to solve the major quality problems! 4. Packaging and shipping: after checked all the appropriate products, we must carry on the packaging, band, after all, was a product of semi-finished products, so the factory packaging compared commonly coarse, Usually use PE bag) 。 Because such packaging good calculation quantity, after all, also send to watch company for assembly header, after the completion of the packaging follow-up tracking figures have to check quantity, and then to get on the car delivery! The packing can't, can't use convertible transport on the way delivery have broken falls. Above for silica gel process of double color band. Turns out that the production process or a lot? So we should cherish it, want to often do the cleaning and maintenance the watch and strap! Next article I'll show you how to cleaning and maintenance the silicone band! About silicone rubber products factory 'to provide customers reliable high-quality green products. Is always adhering to the 'production concept. Company adopts the advanced scientific management system, and with the relevant institutions, laboratories, professional testing company and well-known listed companies have good relations of cooperation, set up its own quality inspection system. With our deep industry experience for many years, to do a good job in every silicone products. Win the customer service of one to praise!
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