The silicone doll dyeing removal and treatment

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone doll how dyeing removal and handling, this problem is very difficult, silica gel adsorption is extremely strong, once the dyeing is hard to come out, silica gel products factory to teach people how to deal with. With alcohol, gasoline, oil remover. Penetration particularly strong adsorption, once infected with color, has the certain difficulty. There are two ways for your reference: 1. 3% hydrogen peroxide 1:5 around according to the proportion of diluted, add a few drops of ammonia aqueous solution or soda ash, soft brush brush dips in the solution. 2. In order to further improve the effect of bleaching, the solution can be appropriate heating. This method is to use the oxidation bleaching to remove the color of the leather. 3. Dissolve insurance powder in warm water, make 3 ~ 5% solution, soft brush brush dips in solution. This is the method of using reductive bleaching. The above method if used properly, can be remove stain. But because of pedal ooze color, the whiteness leather bag is likely to be affected by some. If forced bleaching, wet could pedal, affect the shell structure. You are advised to comfortable but so far. After waiting for color removal, to the baby when choosing clothes as far as possible choose light color department, such as: white, pink, yellow and so on, the light color clothes will over water to give the doll to wear, it is not recommended to wear dark clothes, such as: black, blue, etc. , because there will be dyed. Solution of dyeing problems are as follows: method 1, immediately take a shower first, with bath wash well, and then to dry or dry, talcum powder and then. Three days again, slowly becomes weak. Method 2, prepare a clean white towel, a bottle of alcohol. Use of alcohol soaked towels, towel wrapped only in dyeing silicone skin, fixed towel, wait for some time, Time by dyeing severity) , the color will be gradually as the volatilization of alcohol precipitation. At the same time of using the above method, wipe the stain powder frequently used parts, can accelerate the speed of recovery. Worry about not having the desired effect, spend tens of thousands of pieces of that first experience 2109 new entity silica gel doll, consulting entity silica gel doll experience pavilion: 13509802066 ( WeChat with Numbers) , near ZhangGe address in foshan, the first real silicone doll experience pavilion. Relevant article recommended: how much silicone dolls | domestic entity silica gel doll factory price
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