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by:Keyuan     2020-08-31
Silica gel glass is perfect for outdoor sports, travel, travel, cycling friend, after drinking the water can be folded, convenient to carry, light weight. Silica gel glass customization using food grade silicone material production, do not contain BPA, no peculiar smell, high and low temperature - resistance 40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃, all through the LFGB, FDA, SGS certification such as food grade safety standards. Card silicone folding cups to customize parameter name: silica gel cup, travel folding card silicone folding cups capacity: 150 ml / 250 ml / 350 ml material: cup, lid, food-grade silicone hang rope, ribbon, Polyester) + plastic ( 臀部) Weight: 50 g / 66 g / 91 g size: 92 * 84 * 68 mm / 108/118 * 108 * 98 * 75 mm * 97 mm ( After the fold: 15 mm) Color: quartz powder, cold blue, blue-green, light grey travel folding silica glass customization parameter name: travel folding silica glass material: food-grade silicone material size: 9. 2cm*9cm( Before folding) 4cm*9cm( After folding) Capacity: 350 ml weight: 95 g coffee cup custom silicone folding parameter name: silicone folding coffee cup capacity: 550 ml size: high 17. 3 cm, width 9. 9 cm material: silica gel, PP color: light gray, sky blue, Oriental cherry powder, black silicone telescopic folding water bottle request parameter name: silica gel telescopic water glass, silica gel telescopic folding water bottle, outdoor sports telescopic cup size: 85 * 260 mm ( A) 85 * 195毫米( After folding) Material: food-grade silicone + food grade pp product certification: the FDA, BPA Free certification capacity: 750 ml colors: black, orange, blue, green four color inventory, can also be customized color ( Since 500) Net weight: 287. About 5 g: scope of heat-resistant, minus 60 degrees Celsius 230 degrees Celsius, still maintain soft, product reached the United States FDA food grade testing standard. Product features: low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, soft, non-slip, shock, heat resistant, easy to clean. Packing: color box packing or opp bag packing, can also be customized other packaging product use: travel, work, camping, climbing, hiking, sports fitness installation methods, such as: silicone coffee cup, should be cleaned after use, clean and stored dry and away from direct sunlight. Warm prompt: after open the bottle caps, can be adjustable folding.
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