The silicone colorful patted lights eye small night lights

by:Keyuan     2020-09-06
Whenever night also don't want to go to bed after lights out, want to nest in bed, watching TV or reading a novel, go to sleep at night, afraid of the dark, or in the middle of the night suddenly want to go to the toilet, it is a dark and sometimes take mobile phones to lighting, and it's hurt eyes. Silica gel on the lamp is a can not only save electricity but also protect the eyes of a night light, very suitable for the function we use touch a night light. The silica gel on light touch fashion simple appearance, has seven kinds of color, can change color by touch induction, built-in 600 milliampere USB rechargeable batteries, adopts the soft silicone + plastic environmental protection, 600 ma of battery capacity can be used about 10 hours after charged, just you gently patted seven colors at random or touch can transform, LED lights softer not dazzling. Environmental protection made of soft silicone, not happy when also can pinch it, trouble to clap it can be a good decompression toys. Downy lamplight better eye protection, high efficiency and energy saving, LED has a translucent chimney effectively protect eyes soft not dazzling! The silica gel on the light a night light use irregular conical design below. Soft silicone material, touch lights off inductive switch transformation, multiple color colorful gradient effect, USB rechargeable mode, and luminous lighting function, bring your night romantic soft lighting, a variety of appearance is optional, add life fun.
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