The silicone cell phone sets manufacturers there are several kinds of production process

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
Silicone cell phone sets manufacturers silicon technology, have rich experience in the industry. For the customer development and production of silicone over thousands of models of mobile phone sets, factory has a variety of process for customers to choose the most appropriate process production. Here is to introduce the concrete factory can do several process: glue, silica gel cell phone sets manufacturers silicone technology production for the customer the drops of gel mobile phone sets, all adopt the machine operation, rapid precision error is small. If the design is too complicated would be appropriate to simplify processing, the technology is mainly used in the design of simple 3 d with high degrees of products. Screen printing: silica gel cell phone sets manufacturers walk the silk screen that is used by the silica gel technology characteristic is no substrates counterpoint, production rapid failure rate is low. The process is mainly for custom graphic design of mobile phone sets, can make a very nice effect. Silicone technology of screen printing products, color is very strong, even in damp environment for a long time also do not rub off. Multicolor integrated molding process: this is the core of the silica gel cell phone sets manufacturers silicone technology process, currently has applied for national patent protection. Mainly for customized with complex pattern, gradient effect, three-dimensional effect of silicone mobile phone sets, the technology mature and stable, color registration, blow out, fold without cracks. Currently on the market for silicone mobile phone sets of technology, the above three kinds of the most stable and mature. Many people have asked for our factory, can use UV printer for production. At least for now is no good, because the UV printing silicone products there are a lot of technical problems, such as: color is easy to fall off, etc. Silicone cell phone sets manufacturers silicone technology, not only has a variety of production technology and years of production experience, can provide customers with professional customized service. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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