The silicone can put for a lifetime?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Browse the web in one day, I as usual, suddenly, a netizen proposed question pondered over let me stop the movement, and then I have to ask again in foshan silicone factory technical personnel, and wrote the article. The net friend the question is: silica gel can put for a lifetime? See this problem, since I'm engaged in silica gel, a preliminary I have a general solution, then I and foshan silicone manufacturer ask another turn, to sort out this letter to you. Silica gel is a kind of very stable chemical properties of a material, not burning, main composition is sio2. Silica gel has many excellent properties, heat resistance characteristics, weather resistance, electrical insulation properties, physiological inertia, low surface tension and low surface energy, and so on. According to the characteristics of all kinds of silicone rubber, in certain circumstances, the service life of silicone rubber for hundreds of years. Under the condition of high temperature, high concentration of oxygen and ozone silicone rubber of long service life. See you in where, each parameter is different. Different requirements, different formula. Silicone rubber parts put in for the cases of static time can reach more than 10 years, in addition to the factors such as light and ozone, strong high temperature and agitation, the service life of it than you think! So on the different use its life time is different, the long-term stress and let stand, long-term, and affected by the environment for a long time, of life is different, but under normal circumstances the service life of the silica gel products can reach the expected effect of you want! The life of the implant in the human body and how long? Good quality silicone can keep the 10 ~ 15 years. The silicone material is a very stable, theoretically prosthesis can maintain a lifetime in the body. But with the passage of time, the prosthesis may appear quality to drop, leakage rate increased, and so on and so forth, suggest that more than 10 years of prosthetic replacement can be considered. One thousand silica gel implant rupture, due to the silicone jelly link closely, will not flow, all can completely remove. Silicone breast prosthesis can remain in the body a few years, this is related to quality of silicone prosthesis and personal health. Imported silicone breast prosthesis, by contrast, is more stable than domestic, breast enhancement effect for longer time. Every 10 - domestic silicone breast prosthesis 15 years to replace a silicone breast prosthesis. Silicone tube of the aging time and how long? Silicone tube resistant to ageing time is longer, if the use environment of different life will be different, can be used at room temperature for more than 10 years. The life of the silicone buttons; According to material qualitative, craft different silicone buttons life standard is also different, generally speaking the silicone as an important material of button, silicone and has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, durability, elasticity and so on. So in key industries, the majority of the silicone buttons for life has more than 500000 times, its working temperature is - Celsius 40 to 260 degrees, in the key industry is relatively high. Concrete is also depends on the situation of the users, their care for the better use longer. See this as we all know, the service life of the silica gel is very long, but of course, like silicone pacifier silica gel products such as long life will probably replaced every three months. Foshan silicone factory producing all kinds of silicone products, medical grade silicone, food-grade silicone, silicone gasket, and so on all kinds of silicone products, welcome to the advisory order.
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