The silicone can also do the ashtray? What are the advantages it compared to the aquarium?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Articles for daily use of the ashtray is every family and public area placed a kind of articles for daily use, its role is mainly aimed at the male smokers, according to tobacco China currently has more than 30% of the smokers, it is conceivable ashtray has become each family and the company's basic living supplies, so it is with wider range of the dosage of the large demand, and the glass and metal material of the ash tray is a kind of consumer first is qualitative, but in recent years the development of the art gift, make the silicone material gradually replaced the series of products, is one of the ashtray, using silica gel to replace the metal glass, silicone ashtray you know what? Silicone material is current the main material of many kinds of products, as the material research and development, civil silicone rubber products material gradually improved, in the life of daily necessities and electronic construction and other industries widely used, but it was able to replace the ashtray, mainly because of the particularity of material, safe environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, drop collision use is not the same effect in the middle of the ashtray. Compared with glass, the drop of anti-collision occupy absolute advantage, basic will be broken glass ashtray if falling from the sky, a little thick estimate quality will be better, the second after the strength of the collision edges could appear rupture phenomenon, need not worry completely and silica gel for this field, due to the flexibility material, it can fall from the sky will not break, have good resilience and the effect of buffer shock absorption, can be long-term tensile resilience. Compared with metal material, silicone material also occupy a certain advantage, because there are many kinds of different materials, metal materials in steel, copper and aluminum, back to their drawback is that used for a long time after cigarette smoked out of black lead to hard to clean up dirt, over time there will be more and more dirty phenomenon, while the silica gel, unless with the burning surface will cause damage, for the catalytic effect of smoke or is better, can clean dirt won't produce trace at any time. Silicone ashtray advantage more, from the point of view on material it belongs to the environmental protection material safe non-toxic, affected by the environment won't appear aging for a long time, don't have to worry about burning phenomenon, in addition it light material is easy to clean, can move at any time, and in addition to these advantages, silicone products manufacturer also can pass your request custom different colors and surface effects, printing company and brand LOGO, etc. , and from the manufacturing cost, silica gel compared with other type ashtray has advantages.
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