The silicone cake mould using steps and maintenance methods

by:Keyuan     2020-09-14
Silicone cake mold using step 1, the cake make good raw materials according to the cake production formula, and the silicone cake mould. 2, according to the modelling of the silicone cake mold materials, shape cake shape. 3, in making raw materials into the above chocolate cake, ornament with raisins. 4, will have good ingredients for silicone cake mould and put it in the oven. 5, after baking finish, take out the cake silicone mold, and natural cooling. 6, will be complete molding the cake from the silicone mold, mold release. Silicone cake mould using note 1, the first use, please pay attention to clean the silicone cake mould, and apply a layer of butter on the mold, the use of this operation can prolong the mold cycle, then you do not need to repeat this operation. 2, don't direct contact with open flame or heat source, do not close to the edge tool. 3, baking, pay attention to the place the silicone cake mould or lower position, the middle of the oven to avoid mold close to the oven heating parts. 4, baking finish, pay attention to wear heat insulation gloves and other equipment will die from the oven, waiting for a moment and then cooling for stripping operation. Stripping operation please hold mould light button at the bottom of the mold, can easy mold release. 5, for silicone heat fast, uniform, so the baking time but don't with traditional metal mold, please pay attention to adjust the curing time. 6, cleaning the silicone cake mould, please do not use steel wire ball or metal cleaning products to clean the mold, to prevent damage to the mold, affect the later use. In use, please refer to the oven use guidelines. The silicone cake mold maintenance method 1, silicone mold please clean after each use. 2, don't rinse with cold water immediately after out of the oven, to prolong service life. 3, diluted with hot water collocation edible cleanser, or in the dishwasher to clean. 4, do not use cleaner or foam with corrosion. 5, make sure that the silicone mold before each use and are completely dry before storage. 6 when baked, silicone mold should be open to the baking tray. Must not let the mould dry roasted, such as a six even die, you only filled with three modules, the other three empty mold with water, please. 7, when baking finish, please remove the pan from the oven out, and bakery products placed in the cool of the rack until completely cold. 8, silicone cake mold, chocolate, ice pattern silicone mold, silicone mold can only be used for the oven, oven and microwave oven, never can be directly used in the gas or electricity, or directly above or below the barbecue apparatus used in heating set. 9, do not use sharp instruments scratching on the silicone mold, please do not pull violence. 10, silicone cake mold by static relationship is easy to absorb dust, long time no use, please use the carton storage, placed in the shade.
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