The silicone cake mould using skills

by:Keyuan     2020-09-09
Many people wonder how the cakes are of various shapes, is actually made a mold of, its use is more silica gel, the final shape in order to be able to ensure that it conforms to the actual demand, we need to master some basic skills, so as to guarantee the final result. 1, the use of silicone cake mould, pay attention to the baking tray cleaning, do not use abrasive soap and washing cleaning items that will damage to the silicone cake mould, in the process of cleaning, soak in warm water with soap wipe or use the dish washer is very safe. Refrigeration and cooking, the silicone baking mold is a good refrigeration and cooking, like jelly, ice cream and frozen desserts. 2, microwave oven, can be directly put pan directly in the middle of the your microwave oven or wheel, the cooling time, pan from the oven after cooling time is short. Pan deformation problem, because it is a kind of silicone products, can quickly back to prototype after bending. 3, used in the oven, put the pan on baking tray and move from the oven is placed at will so easily. Determine evenly in the baking pan put butter on a slightly shorter than metal pan has been cooking instructions according to the oil in chassis pan after moving from the oven, allow in the pan before baking product cool completely removed. Pan need about two minutes to cool to touch.
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