The silicone cake mould customized advice

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
And silica gel ice gradually in recent years is picking up, the market not only has a keen interest in foreign consumers even now some of the domestic food industry and roasted sweet industry also can see them, so the silicone cake mold custom processing become strong demand of products, and in the process of silicone cake mould customization and the choose and buy tend to bring out some customers do not understand, such as the difference between the size of the hole number and material or production problems, and so on. The moment of silicone cake mould needs to be divided into different sizes or how much and how much the cost of the mesh, so some friends when ordering don't know how to distinguish between size and cost, so when ordering according to their demand and consumption to feel how much you need to size and shape, and for the silicone products manufacturer, the greater the overall size of the silicone mold that the higher the cost of the product, the product structure of complex products, the more it is also a cost increase and decrease control. Raw materials of sulphur out of normal silicone cake mould should be divided into several part process, the determination of material such as Hardness, standard materials, the material springback and tensile, high and low temperature resistance, etc. ) Curing agent ( Curing time length, the product of the resistance to yellow composition, composition and deformation, etc. ) Mixing of raw materials and the vulcanizing agent normal standards ( Mixing length depends on the color glue and the dispersion degree of sulfur) In the high temperature molding ( Products in the machine the forming of high temperature stress filled cavity know) Detailed operation process, subject to this a few steps, still need the silicone mold factory to control the deployment. For the silicone cake mould, commonly used materials, pieces of meteorology act silicone rubber ( Food grade silica gel) Production and processing, contact with the human body more trust, in terms of performance is more comprehensive, and ordinary silicon rubber are also able to produce, but in many other aspects of material properties and performance, and can not get the guarantee of long-term service life, such as the back stretch, long-term to appear in yellow, did not rebound phenomenon and so on, so how to choose and buy it and use the matters needing attention needs to be appropriate.
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