The silicone buttons how to cleaning?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone products believe that everybody is not strange, it has been widely applied, the silicone buttons is a very common in our life, so, when dirty silicone buttons should be how to clean up? 1, first remove the silicone buttons, directly into clean water immersion, so its surface dirt will eliminate. 2, if a lot of dirt silicone buttons, gently scrub with a soft brush with a little toothpaste; 3, the dirt off after rinse off with clear water bubble, clean and dry silicone buttons off after; 4, with alcohol to disinfect silicone buttons, alcohol in moderation, cannot too much, otherwise the silicone buttons will be yellow; Can't put in the sun insolates, silicone buttons in the room you can hang up, silicone buttons dry very quickly. Silica gel products factory producing all kinds of silicone buttons, acceptable to figure custom, incoming sample custom, processing, custom research and development. 。 。 According to the guest use purposes and requirements, increase the LOGO printing, oil spraying, spraying screen printing glue, and other processes, improve the grade of customers product brand value and increase brand. Looking for a silicone buttons to find!
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