The silicone brush will have taste toxic baby shampoo

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Recently, there are some consumers respond to wash brush have a taste things, buy their own silicone baby shampoo brush some taste, worry about whether it contains some harmful chemicals. For the nation's largest silicone baby shampoo brush manufacturer silicone products factory in xiamen, the special offered to consumers to explain the silicone baby shampoo brush the taste, silicone baby shampoo brush with mild taste is harmful substances, does not mean that the taste of this major because silicone itself is a kind of has the adsorption of silica gel products, because of that adsorption and silica gel itself is about a little taste, no irritating smell, unless some manufacturer to cut the costs and other materials with low price or add other material to cut costs, as we all know, silica gel adsorption can be charged dust in the air of absorption and ions, mainly through adsorption or other packing box, packaging bag by xiamen silicone products factory production of silica gel to wash brush, as long as several times through the boiling water disinfection or cool air duct ventilation position it will not have a flavor. Silicone material itself is not much taste, but its adsorption is strong, and hair brush is usually just goes out from the production of the machine will be into the plastic bag, and so the baby shampoo brush of the silicone material is particularly easy adsorption some ions on the outer plastic bag or dust in the air, a open after consumers buy will be a little taste, and think that is produced by shampoo brush itself. Silicone baby shampoo brush 'taste' doesn't mean the silicone wash brush is toxic, but wash brush adsorption come in from the outside world, and lele cattle ( By silica gel production) Brands such as silicone brush to wash resistant to high temperature of 220 ℃, so which USES high temperature boiling water disinfection will not make the bottle material is damaged, but also not out of shape.
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