The silicone bracelet order process and scheme of trouble?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
The silicone bracelet order process and scheme of trouble? Now a lot of people on the streets and hand have a nice silicone bracelet, everybody is in the heart also have wanted to buy a silicone bracelet, but can't find oneself to like, then we can consider custom silicone bracelets, but worry about the silicone bracelet custom trouble, don't know the order process, take everyone to look at today. The silicone bracelet custom solutions trouble? Many demanders sometimes think that the development of a silicone's new product is difficult to put into late fees and the effect is not very ideal, that if you think so, I can accurately tell you want to customize a belongs to own the silicone products is not a difficult thing, bracelet custom really bother? The answer is definitely no, first consider the consumer market in the late of raw material and color structure definition, the paper evaluated whether can reach the expected effect, but the main or silica gel hand ring custom to consider the cost and process selection, if a locating in the low-end, chose to complex structure and process, the estimate that you will have trouble! On the other hand the silicone bracelet manufacturer quality standards for the process of the product for evaluation, since the stitch, product hard softness, tensile strength, and so on need to be predicted in advance, but when it comes to here for the present silicone products industry, is based on customer demand, in accordance with the drawings in advance that demands quality and testing, etc. , in a line proofing to achieve the effect you want, so for the silicone bracelet custom, in addition to the necessary inputs is expected, the rest don't have to worry about too many ideas, and the most important thing is to see the product you would be able to get the market demand! How to customize the silicone bracelet? What is order process? One, to provide you customized theme 1, 2, words best control within 20 concise and focused. 3 words, accurate and dedicating note: it is recommended that the company's advertising should reasonable, let consumers to accept and willing to wear. Can consider to lovers class theme or message of one kind of crowd, as a child: to hurry and grow up or better terms. 2, determine the circumference of the silica gel hand ring size 3, select custom bracelet the color you want to custom made four, specify the use of font and color tell manufacturer in hand ring 1, commonly used font layout or special font can be customized. 2, showing the position of the content of the lettering appear. 3, you can also contact customer service for details. Custom q&a answer: 1, the minimum quantity for customized silicone bracelets? Not set minimum order quantity ( 1 can be customized, but the price is quite expensive) , but you should know that number, relative to the cost is low, the price will be better, if less quantity, you may have to pay a higher price. 2, customized silicone bracelet can order what you want to color? Of course, no matter how many quantity can make to order the color of the bracelet. ( Color can provide pantone (according to the customer pantone) C card color value) 3, can get your samples? Of course, if you need, we will provide our samples for you, please contact with us! We need to know your company name, contact name, address, telephone, fax, and expected the information such as order number! 4, customized silicone bracelet must open mould? The following case you don't need to pay mould cost: the LOGO with the method of printing and the size of the bracelet is a standard size 5, product really silicone bracelet? We make the silicone bracelet material is 100% pure silica gel ( silicone) Our raw material suppliers can provide the corresponding SGS and ROHS test report. 6, how long can complete customized silicone bracelets? Under draft design of offset, and then use offset engraved copper, carved with copper industry finally die. Some bracelets technology of die making technology content is higher, and relatively longer time; Generally calculated on five days open mold. If we want more silicone bracelet can click on the function of which is about the silicone bracelet is some problem on the order process and the solutions are in trouble, hope you can help to you, welcome custom silicone bracelets, specializing in the production of silicone rubber bracelets.
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