The silicone bracelet custom solutions trouble?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Many demanders sometimes think that the development of a silicone's new product is difficult to put into late fees and the effect is not very ideal, that if you think so, I can accurately tell you want to customize a belongs to own the silicone products is not a difficult thing, 2017 new design product upgrading cloth all over the world, not all custom product development requires a lot of thought, as long as you are able to watch the market and dig out the potential of the product, it should be didn't you think so difficult! Silicone bracelet custom development into 17 years of debate, with electronic design, functionality, quantum energy and so on the many kinds of design on the rise in recent years, from 2014 to 2017, three years in our country the silicone bracelet suppliers total sales of bracelet is 1. 900 million pieces of or so, and different years in different appearance and function of updates, along with the rapid development of today, the definition of the bracelet is already not the spirit of the symbol, and gradually become to improve the quality of life of a kind of comfort! Bracelet custom really bother? The answer is definitely no, first consider the consumer market in the late of raw material and color structure definition, the paper evaluated whether can reach the expected effect, but the main or silica gel hand ring custom to consider the cost and process selection, if a locating in the low-end, chose to complex structure and process, the estimate that you will have trouble! On the other hand the silicone bracelet manufacturer quality standards for the process of the product for evaluation, since the stitch, product hard softness, tensile strength, and so on need to be predicted in advance, but when it comes to here for the present silicone products industry, is based on customer demand, in accordance with the drawings in advance that demands quality and testing, etc. , in a line proofing to achieve the effect you want, so for the silicone bracelet custom, in addition to the necessary inputs is expected, the rest don't have to worry about too many ideas, and the most important thing is to see the product you would be able to get the market demand!
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