The silicone bracelet custom production process is

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Silicone bracelet is a kind of very popular apparel accessories, many gift vendors sold to consumers by means of silica gel hand ring custom designed bracelet adorn article. So when looking for manufactures custom bracelet, need to experience the process? In this paper, silica gel give you a brief introduction. A design, design drawings, drawings are generally supply according to the customer's samples, generally using the graphic drawing software, such as CDR or AI software manufacturing, such as customer can't supply sample, we can according to customer's requirements, free cooperation customers complete sketches of planning and manufacturing. Second, the open hand ring mold opening mold is opened mold master draft according to the planned of offset, and then use offset engraved copper, carved with copper industry finally die. Some silica gel hand ring technology of die & mould manufacturing technology content is higher, time is relatively longer; General accounting mould opening period in five days. The mould had, grown up quickly. Three, rubber mixing color according to customer specified in the international pantone color number color mixing, we toning than alignment, color difference. Four, to verify product information each silicone bracelets required information via electronic weighing, general hand ring about 5. 5 grams. Five, the upper die production mould, do a good job of after is computer produce, install after mold, need will warm up the machine. Six, quality inspection product inspection is an important part of the bracelet manufacturer before shipment, first look to whether accord with a standard product, if there is any discrepancy, will handle all invalid. Seven, trimming under normal circumstances, the production of silicone hand ring products are using moulding process, the production of this product will have the edge, so the edges will be manually removed after shipment. Eight, examines the silicone bracelet from out side will leave residues, after the quality inspection department inspection qualified, will be products to the process after trimming. Nine, packaging fixed edge after inspection qualified products, packaging according to customer requirements. Packaging can be divided into PP bag packing and naked outfit two independently. Is 100 a pack of both. Generally, 20 packets to a box ( Article 2000) For the export standard containers. General packing according to customer's request. To check again before ten, sealing packing is completed by quality inspection department to check the quantity, if no problem for sealing and sent to the warehouse waiting for shipment. Above is silica gel products factory customers looking for custom silicone bracelet ten process.
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