The silicone bracelet custom is introduced

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone bracelet customized for a variety of occasions, playground, amusement parks, can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional materials, etc. , is a hot fashion act the role ofing is tasted; Is a kind of low cost, high efficiency advertising promotional advertising gifts. The silicone bracelet custom, can OEM custom also can customize the ODM. Using environmental protection silicone material production, special handle oil processing, don't touch the fingerprint, not grey, resistance to dirty scratched. Customizable text, LOGO. The silicone bracelet hardness, color and size can be custom appearance. Silicone bracelet custom process: printing, carved concave/convex and concave carved coloring, emboss printing, segmented, mixed color, luminous, color gradient, drive midge, flash powder, fuel injection, light, laser. Silicone bracelet custom size reference adult: 210 mm ( Fat) ,202mm( Medium) 190毫米( Thin) Young man: 190 mm ( Fat) 180毫米( Medium) 170毫米( Thin) Teenager: 180 mm ( Fat) 170毫米( Medium) 160毫米( Thin) Children: 150 mm
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