The silicone bottle stoppers customization

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Silicone bottle stoppers and silicone wine cork, silica gel, silica gel seal corks. Silicone bottle stoppers customization using 100% silicone raw materials, environmental protection, non-toxic harmless, natural insipidity, non-corrosive, easy to clean. With super wear resistance and strong pulling force, texture soft, tear resistance, all raw materials through the FDA testing, accord with environmental standards. Silicone bottle stoppers customization is made of high temperature forming technology, not deformation, feel comfortable, good flexibility, strong sealing, flavour, fresh taste. Silicone bottle stoppers color diversity, unique design, easy to use. Various sizes and shapes, requested the root, printed logo and design, show individual character. New silicone bottle stoppers, experience the fashion life, taste wine art, for ODM/OEM display make public individual character. Silicone bottle stoppers used as long as a pull gently when they open them. Easy to use, gently cover run out of breath, not stale. Permanent preservation, used multiple times! Silicone bottle stopper is made of high quality food grade silicone material, good flexibility, durability, preservation, applicable to beer, rice wine, such as cola bottles, easy to use simple.
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