The silicone bib which is good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone bib is also called the silicone saliva dripping USES the food grade silica gel, belongs to the silicone products of silica gel and classification. Product non-toxic odorless can be at ease use! The commonly used to prevent dirty clothes at the dinner table, when a child is drooling when long teeth and other places! Is a convenient, safe and health silicone children's products! The silicone bib which good? It depends on xiamen silicone products factory silicone bib production professional degrees? The silicone bib production quality? Silicone bib specializing in the production, can according to customer demand for customized, OEM ODM customization can also be customized. Can produce all kinds of color satisfy the tastes of different people; Can design a different style, modelling; According to different businesses, private printing pattern or LOGO. Good quality silicone bib USES the food grade silica gel, does not produce harmful substances, can be at ease use. But the FDA and LFGB testing by SGS. The silicone bib which good? Xiamen small silica gel products factory production of silicone bib of life, has a unique design of the silicone tape is at the bottom of the bib, modelling is used to pick up dropped food, keep your clothes clean. Suitable for infants, the elderly and patients. Soft non-toxic food grade silicone material, suitable for contact with the skin. Durable easy to wash, repeatable use, convenient cleaning, just lightly, it will be clean again.
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