The silicone band era, will you use it

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Silicone band is introduced: the silicone band is a silicone watches accessories, mainly used in electronic watches, quartz watches and other wear watches accessories, mainly is made of 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber after hydraulic press high temperature vulcanization pressure molding; Technology is complex, ripe silicone itself is a kind of high elastic material, so forming band will have a certain tension and softness, under the change of the external force easy deformation and immediately restore; And silicone band with wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effect to human body, soft, no crack, long service life and do not stimulate the skin, the silicone band is the real green environmental protection act the role ofing is tasted. Recently in recent years, a lot of silica gel products factory not only produce a lot of creative silicone watch band, and are extremely varied, in addition to the shape effect on realizing monochromatic band, is more of a double color or color, mixed color band, especially children watch belt, more variety, began to look at some of the functional materials, such as negative ion, germanium, titanium, symplectic trace elements added to the silicone band in the raw materials for processing, make its have certain health care function. After the body to absorb necessary function to the body, so as to supplement trace elements necessary for health. Energy such as silicone watches, silicone anion table is used to add the elements such as negative ion to the silica gel materials together for processing and production of silicone strap. Silicone band in China now have a bit of the market, but the size is not very big, but also has very big market. Many creative band needs further development, it is now such creativity also is the real formation. Silicone watches in the past is just a ordinary dressing equipment, in the near future, more and more electronic products will be closer to the direction. And silicone band close to the number of silicone bracelet, silicone bluetooth bracelet, recent years millet bracelet, run counter, advertising creative bracelets and other wear equipment. The silicone band features: strap length: 22 - - 25 cm band width: 1. 2 - - 2. 2 cm strap thickness: 0. 2 - - 0. 3 cm considerations and maintenance: 1, bathing, strenuous exercise, suggested that the watches, lest damage; 2, please do not put the watch near the fire; In a humid place; 3, dust, water, such as watches with delicate cotton cloth to wipe, clean can also add a small amount of alcohol in moderation
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