The silicone band and steel belt, leather band which good

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
I believe that a lot of people who are interested to sell the watch, or go to a watch shop attendant will also be asked about what kind of strap you want. Encountered on the silicone band and steel belt, belt watches which good question, the choice of how to do? The following silicone watch belt manufacturer to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of strap! According to the service life, leather strap how also not more durable than metal strap. Is the life of a normal wear leather strap 3 years or so, maintain a good 5 years or more. First said the steel band: steel with relative to the cortex, silicone band is more popular, because the steel strap product is complete, the price is moderate, selectivity. In terms of performance, appearance due to polishing processing, steel watch dazzling appearance, prominent status and very durable wear-resisting, athletic. Disadvantages: due to the steel strap hardness strong, than big stain for cleaning is difficult, lead to strap gloss dark color phenomenon. Recommended reading: silicone band manufacturer to tell you the silicone strap is how to clean the second said leather strap, here the author says the genuine leather strap, inferior leather or fake leather strap here we have ruled out first. Leather band worn soft and comfortable, no harm to skin; But cortex has a fatal weakness is afraid of liquid corrosion, such as sweat, such as acid rain are all about the danger of cortical band exists. Finally silicon band, with a strong recommendation for silicone band can be said to be no faults of strap, soft green environmental protection, no crack, long service life, does not stimulate skin and so on all is the union of leather strap and steel strap. Custom silicone band of choose and buy, please contact the silicone band factory business phone: 13392830612 office phone: fax: 075528230734 QQ: 3264780970 company email: company address: foshan city guanlan street water pits or hanging about gold and red industrial park building 5 B building website: silicone strap articles recommendation: silicone band how to maintenance and the type of silicone watch with what kind of new intelligent silicone band with traditional strap to distinguish
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