The silicone accessories manufacturers in several adverse phenomenon. What should I do?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Sometimes silicone accessories appear crack, aging, deformation, and other undesirable phenomena, resulting in products don't appear to use values, for some electronic parts, miscellaneous pieces of machinery and electronics, this kind of phenomenon is the most common, so a bad phenomenon to make spare parts for the silicone preventive control, for the premise of the silicone products manufacturer, control counter parts in terms of the use of power, the first thing to do is time! For breakdown phenomenon, can control the product hard softness and Angle, from the raw material increase tensile strength and pull strength, above the mould of the product promotion inclination to keep R Angle, to prevent tearing and cracking phenomenon, vulcanization time stable, when processing time is too long product appeared torn the easier it is to appear, the chance of cracking phenomenon can be several methods that control in a silicone products manufacturer, and is in use process by using the strength of the control! Aging, aging rate of each product will appear the phenomenon, the silicone material fittings are the same, so for the silicone accessories aging, one of first look for trouble spots on raw materials, because of the silicone used in the performance of the different environment and conditions are different, the second is the reaction of environment and conditions, through the study shows that the phenomenon of aging of silicone rubber products mainly from the use of the environment and can be used by the region of oxidation, thermal effect, stress, liquid effect lead to products to speed up the aging phenomenon, oxygen in the ozone destruction performance is larger, the silicone molecule chain compound is different, lead to changes in performance of silicone rubber products or reduced, thermal effect, silica gel can be high temperature resistant but in use can lead to long-term high temperature polymer activation caused active silicon atoms to expand the soft, foam etc. Phenomenon, so for the aging phenomenon, mainly to see you use in the environment and conditions! Mechanical silicone accessories, the phenomenon of the deformation is the most common, due to stress, the influence of the environment, so the hard to avoid can appear the phenomenon of deformation, high resilient rubber production, and choose the tension in the heart of the silica gel manufacturer production process product put long, boost pressure to keep in shape, be able to get a good mediation, besides use when appropriate to keep efforts, maintain a long-term activity to effect a bit better. Above three problems can be solved, so a lot of accessories products in combination with the effect of the finished product use will also get very good ascension, and production technology of silicone accessories manufacturers is not controlled, the product after the mold has been set, the premise is how to prevent the happening of a few problems!
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