The silicone accessories how to design and production

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone accessories is to point to in a finished product in a small accessories, the finished product may include material such as plastic, metal, circuit boards, and in these parts often need the silicone part of some products to do certain filling, this is the original intention, silicone accessories and rich experience in these gaps need to design and produce the silicone accessories can achieve very good effect on assembly, if fully comply with figure come up to do that very well may be short of assembled desired effect or size is wrong, today the author take you know something about how to design the attention of a silicone accessories with production place! Let's look at how to check the silicone accessories in the design aspect, first of all need to know the best silicone accessories are used to do, in which position with what material product combination is important! So as to know its tensile condition and the ability to bounce back, whether you need strong will slide off effect, such as and then based on these data to design its size, cut can't completely according to drawings to do, even if it is a great probability accurately the actual do not completed assembly, because completely in accordance with the drawings to do it so that no considering the external factors, large probability to according to the situation of the tight or loose! Silica gel products factory technicians are needed to consider its assembly and there will be problems when using. And while in the production of silicone products factory technicians to design well it also cannot treat STH lightly, because production actual operation with drawings or has something to do, to the effect of the sample deliver after confirm the actual assembly, in mass production, mass production of mechanical parameters to sample the basic one to ( Could do fine) Narrowing differences, it will be better. Finally in the finished product to find related silicone products factory, I will try to find the regular silicone products factory, regardless of other factors on the quality of its delivery is certain. If the silicone accessories to a manufacturer according to drawing production, once you make a mistake is very delay delivery time, so don't worry or effort! If a performance often prepared is that a desired effect!
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