The silicone accessories customized information!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
A, a lot of friends when you ask need to customize the silica gel products are direct inquiry and direct thought of product unit price does not take into account other factors! When you explain to the samples to open mold processing production or hand when it began to silence, so embarrassed silicone products manufacturer often want to understanding consumer buyers, such as no appearance model how to do to get what you want of product shape? How can I reach you want to request? So before ordering hope procurement friend will first try to understand the silicone products of the whole production process and product production process at the start of inquiry, so save time worry isn't it? After 2, for the silicone accessories customized order as producers need to tip when custom products need to be aware of what matters, for what you've used silicone accessories use place to choose a different silicon raw materials, silicone accessories can be divided into many types, is used in industry, commercial use, electronic products, household, medical apparatus and instruments, and so on multiple USES, so the order need to meet the different requirements in the choice to choose different raw materials and vulcanizing agent to processing production, secondly performance requirements need to achieve what certification, whether can pass the test up to standard, in addition to raw materials need what are the requirements on the mold, such as surface treatment, fuel injection silk screen, inner concave and convex structure, and so on all need clear! Three, in addition to product inquiry and raw material mould, the performance of the products need to pay attention to the performance of silicone accessories, silicone products are usually need good toughness and pull litre, well before the confirm sample testing to ensure product toughness and degree of lift, but went wrong in the middle of the application process for the selection of ordinary silicone raw materials production products need to be aware of is the product of aging and service life, general silicone material in the life of the use of a different work environment and subject to change with the change of the environment, so the speed of aging will also change, in the test under the premise of ensuring the finished product to function smoothly and keep good performance this is one of the more important factors. Silicone rubber products co. , LTD. Xiamen silicone products factory - Silicone rubber products co. , LTD. ( )
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